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On Snilesworth Moor

Ruinously expensive, almost preposterously élitist, leading to giddy highs and suicidal lows, driven-grouse shooting is one of those sporting challenges that exceeds.

ROBERT K. ABBETT 1926 – 2015

Inspired by the bucolic New England countryside, and using his knowledge of photography plus the skills he developed as an illustrator, Abbett developed his “impressionistic realism” style of painting and created the dog, wingshooting and angling images that would endear him to a generation of outdoorsmen.

Bismuth Lives!

Based on my tests, I am quite impressed with the quality and performance of the Rio bismuth loads I have shot. Bismuth-tin alloy is a good option for those who want to shoot softer nontoxic shot in guns with barrels or chokes that they believe could be damaged by hard shot types like steel or tungsten-composite.

From the Editor

The Digital Revolution has affected us all. It has changed the way we do business, the way we entertain ourselves, even the way we…

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Inside September/October

The September/October issue of Shooting Sportsman is now available online and on newsstands. Our “Upland Issue” is typically our largest of the year, including all the columnists of our recurring Departments and more wingshooting & fine gun features than any other issue.

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Upland Accessories

Bird season is finally here, even if opening day is still a few weeks away where you are. Time to head for bird camp, but not before a comprehensive go-through of the gear closet.